What's included?

The 2017 City of Doral Parks System Master Plan utilized 11 different analysis and engagement techniques to identify high-priority needs of Doral residents.  This process incorporated a substantial public engagement component that included a total of six (6) public workshops, a community survey, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and numerous presentations.  This multi-year, intensive process revealed that the community’s highest priority parks and recreation needs were (in order of importance):

  • Fitness programs and facilities

  • Small neighborhood park spaces

  • Soccer

  • Tennis

  • New/additional park spaces

  • Trails and greenways

  • Indoor recreation centers

  • Aquatics centers, facilities, and programs

  • Social spaces (shelters, pavilions, etc.)


Bond Projects

The projects proposed within this bond are intent on meeting the high-priority needs mentioned above, allowing for the greatest benefit to the largest amount of Doral’s residents as possible, regardless of age, ability, or location within the city.


The bond projects are organized into five (5) categories, which include (click the photo to see the details of each project category):