2017 City of Doral Parks System Master Plan

Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf

A comprehensive document that seeks to strategically analyze and plan the long-range develop of the City of Doral’s parks and recreation system.

City of doral, florida - Conservation finance feasibility study

The Trust for Public Land

This report, developed at the request of the Doral City Council by The Trust for Public Land, represents a feasibility analysis that explores public funding options to provide parks and recreation facilities in Doral.

Measuring the economic value of a city park system'

The Trust for Public Land

In 2003, The Trust for Public Land’s Center for City Park Excellence gathered two dozen park experts and economists in Philadelphia for a colloquium to analyze how park systems economically benefit cities. Based on this conversation and subsequent consultation with other leading economists and academics, the center identified seven attributes of city park systems that provide economic value and are measurable.

The Economic Benefits of Parks and Recreation System of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

The Trust for Public LandThis comprehensive case study analyzes the cumulative economic impact of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, where the the park system has provided the county (in 2009) with revenue of $8.3 million, a collective increase of resident wealth of almost $29 million, resident savings of more than $922 million, and municipal savings of $25 million

2017 City of Doral Aquatics Center Feasibility Study


This study, completed at the request of the City of Doral, analyzes the feasibility of developing an aquatics center in Doral. The study explores the process used to determine a preferred location, scale, and program of the future facility.

The Impact of Parks on Property Values: A Review of the Empirical Evidence

John Crompton

This white paper, written by leading park writer and researcher John Crompton, explores the “Proximate Principle;” a research-backed theory that suggests property values adjacent to parks are higher than those not adjacent to park spaces.


General Obligation Bonds Introduction

PFM Financial Advisors LLC

This summary document provides additional supporting information on the bond issuance, rating, and financing processes.