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Since the City’s incorporation in 2003, City leadership has envisioned world-class parks with many amenities that would be multi-generational, multi-purpose and multi-seasonal. Recognizing that the City would grow overtime, the City is working proactively to help provide additional parks, facilities, and amenities to meet the needs of both current and future residents.  A key goal is for all residents of the city to be within walking distance of a “walk-to” (or neighborhood park,) that meets the recreational needs of residents of all ages, interests and capabilities.

On November 6, 2018, Doral residents voted YES on the General Obligation Parks Bond for $150 million that would help fund the construction of high-priority future Doral park projects.

This website portal will provide the community with detailed information to help voters understand the bond financing ballot question, bonding process, and associated projects. As part of the City’s comprehensive public education campaign, more information will continue to be posted throughout the process as it becomes available.

What are the next steps?

The Mayor, City Council, and administrative team have turned their attention to establishing the safeguards that will guide the city’s use of the bond funds, including establishing the audit oversight committee, preparing project plans, and providing the residents with regular progress reports.

It is anticipated that the City will issue the bond for the first phase of the funds in early 2019, with project construction to begin shortly after.

Interested in being on the oversight committee? Click on the “Oversight Committee” tab for more information.



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Bond Projects

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