Doral Meadow Park


Key features

  • Outfield Baseball Netting

Following is an approximate breakdown of the different programmatic spaces interior to the Doral Meadow Center (all approximate dimensions rounded to the nearest foot):

  • New Multi-purpose Room: 36’x21’ (800 SF with a 50 SF storage closet)

  • New Kitchenette: 10’x6’ (60 SF)

  • New Hallway Storage: 8’x4’ (33 SF)

  • Staff Office: 8’x10’ (80 SF)

  • Conference Room: 18’x20’ (373 SF)

  • Large Storage Area: 10’x20’ (200 SF)

  • Maintenance/Storage Area: 14’x18’ (258 SF)

  • Men’s Restroom: 9’x15’ (155 SF)

  • Women’s Restroom: 11’x15’ (175 SF)



Project Updates