"The City of Doral has a proven history of providing high-quality parks and public spaces"

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Doral Quality

The City of Doral has a proven history of providing high-quality parks and public spaces, which when combined with Doral’s active and social population, result in high levels of usage.  While positive, this increased level of consistent activation also results in an increased level of wear and tear on the equipment and facilities at existing park sites. 


With Doral’s population projected to continue increasing into the foreseeable future, strategic improvements to existing parks and facilities will be necessary to main quality of experience that Doral residents have come to expect. Many of these improvements will be focused on increasing the usability, accessibility, and most importantly, the safety, of Doral’s existing park sites. 

Key Improvements at Existing Parks

Given their age and level of use, an increased level of focus will be placed on improvements to:

Doral Meadow Center Expansion + Renovation

As noted in the Master Plan, the provision of high-quality, flexible indoor recreation spaces across the city is very important to Doral Residents.  Expanding the existing Doral Meadow Center, by enclosing the existing outdoor patio space, will provide residents with access to an additional 800 square feet of multi-purpose indoor recreation space.  In addition, the renovation will include a high-tech conference room, kitchenette, façade treatments, green walls, and an indoor trophy case. 

Following is an approximate breakdown of the different programmatic spaces interior to the Doral Meadow Center (all approximate dimensions rounded to the nearest foot):

  • New MP Room: 36’x21’ (800 SF with a 50 SF storage closet)

  • New Kitchenette: 10’x6’ (60 SF)

  • New Hallway Storage: 8’x4’ (33 SF)

  • Staff Office: 8’x10’ (80 SF)

  • Conference Room: 18’x20’ (373 SF)

  • Large Storage Area: 10’x20’ (200 SF)

  • Maintenance/Storage Area: 14’x18’ (258 SF)

  • Men’s Restroom: 9’x15’ (155 SF)

  • Women’s Restroom: 11’x15’ (175 SF)


Morgan Levy Park

  • Add more security cameras

  • ADA Accessible routes to picnic BBQs

  • Transitioning to high efficiency LED light fixtures


Trails and Tails Park

  • Increase year around access by adding site-lighting in the entire park facility

  • Fix fencing in the dog areas to be even more secure