"In addition to serving as a means of recreation, trails are also critical transportation infrastructure"

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Critical infrastructure

The proposed bond includes funds to improve and/or construct approximately 5 miles of multi-purpose trails throughout the city.  Additional paved walking and biking trails were identified as one of the highest priority needs by City of Doral residents. In addition to serving as a means of recreation, trails are also critical transportation infrastructure for Doral’s residents, allowing them to move to and between the city’s parks, neighborhoods, and cultural facilities without the use of a car.

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New Trail Segments

Although Doral has made significant progress developing its trail network over the last decade, the majority of the City’s existing multi-purpose trails are located on the western and southwestern edges of the city where available easements and right-of-way were available.  The central and eastern portions of the city have very limited pedestrian infrastructure and are an area of priority for the city.  Doral Central Park, Downtown Doral, and Morgan Levy Park are all located within this region, in addition to thousands of residential units.


Bridging the Gap

A key project proposed as part of the bond is an elevated pedestrian bridge that would pass over 41st Street along 117th Ave. This bridge will allow trail users to circulate the western edge of the community safely, without having to cross NW 41st Street (8 lanes) at grade.

improvements to existing trails

In addition to building new trails, the City will also leverage the bond funds to make strategic enhancements to existing trail segments.   Much needed improvements – such as the addition of lighting – will improve the condition, usability, and safety of the existing trail network for users city-wide.