"Every Person, Every Season, Every Time!"

Doral Central Park Master Plan

20180723 Eastern Birdseye_Final.jpg

Doral central park: Vision

At 82 acres, Doral Central Park will be the largest park in the city, and one of the largest in the region.   The community’s vision for this park reflects Doral’s populace in that it is both bold and diverse.  Located in one of the fastest growing areas of the city, Doral Central Park is envisioned to be a multi-generational destination park for all Doral residents, regardless of age or ability, that seamlessly blends outdoor recreation, indoor recreation, and aquatics in a sustainable and community-centric way.

Doral central park: Master Plan

Central Park is envisioned to be the recreation and special-events hub in Doral, and is anticipated to provide over 30 different components and programmatic areas, including:

  • 70,000 SF Indoor Recreation Center
  • Open greenspace
  • Dedicated drop-off plaza
  • Surface parking lots
  • Competition pool
  • Park maintenance building
  • Formal events lawn
  • Events pavilion    
  • Aquatics center
  • Leisure pool deck
  • Competition pool deck
  • Skate spot and pump track
  • Sensory playspace
  • Wetland boardwalk trail
  • Lake-front sand volleyball
  • Playground/playspace
  • Urban dog park
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Tot-lot
  • Lake-front promenade
  • Cultural plaza w/ sculptural play piece
  • Existing water storage tank
  • Learn-to-bike loop
  • Canoe/kayak/paddle boat launch
  • Natural area w/ nature trails
  • Nature pavilion
  • Restroom building
  • Small picnic shelter 
  • Large Picnic Shelter
  • Lake-front trail
  • Bike and exercise loop
  • Community garden
  • Overflow turf parking area
  • Perimeter roads w/ on-street parking

Indoor Recreation Center

The Master Planning process identified the provision of additional indoor amenities as one of the greatest needs system-wide, with over 50% of survey respondents indicating a need for indoor facilities and/or programs.  The Central Park Indoor Recreation Center is envisioned to be the hub of indoor recreation and athletics in Doral.  At approximately 70,000 square feet, this will be the largest indoor facility in Doral, and will be home to the City’s only indoor fitness center.

The design and program of this facility will reflect the dynamism and diversity of Doral’s population, with a focus on indoor fitness, social interaction, and multi-purpose, multi-use spaces.  This center will be multi-generational, offering something for residents of all ages and abilities, including:

  • Double gymnasium w/ bleacher seating
  • Covered entry w/ dedicated drop off area
  • Elevated indoor running track
  • Child watch w/ secured outdoor play area
  • Large indoor fitness center overlooking the lake
  • Multi-purpose exercise rooms
  • Outdoor plaza and gathering spaces
  • Lounge w/ walk-up cafe
  • Indoor play area
  • Silver Club Room
  • Art room
  • Teen room
  • Conference room
  • Men's and women's lockers
  • Teaching kitchen
  • Elevated outdoor social terrace
  • Elevated outdoor fitness terrace
20180723_Aquatics Aerial_final.jpg

Aquatics facility

In 2015, the City of Doral commissioned an aquatics feasibility study to determine the viability, program, and location of a future aquatics facility in Doral.  The result of this planning process, which was informed by the overall 2017 Parks System Master Plan, was a vision for the inclusion of a large, outdoor aquatics complex at Central Park.  The lakefront aquatics complex would provide both recreational and competitive athletic facilities which are anticipated to include:

  • Competition pool 
  • Teaching pool
  • Activity pool w/ zero-depth entry and play features
  • Lazy river
  • Water slides
  • Training building w/ offices, locker rooms, a pro-shop, and storage rooms
  • Concessions building
  • Multiple picnic shelters and cabanas
  • Dedicated drop-off plaza
20170723_Commons Plaza 1_Final.jpg

Waterfront Promenade

This linear, urban plaza space will be designed for both pedestrian circulation and relaxation and will serve as a link between the indoor recreation center area and the natural areas of the park to the northeast.  Along the Waterfront Promenade, visitors will find contemporary amenities such as lounge chairs, moveable café furniture, public art, contemporary shade pavilions, and ample nighttime lighting; all of which directly overlook the scenic 27-acre lake.

20170723_Commons Plaza 2_Final.jpg

Cultural plaza

The lakefront Cultural Plaza is envisioned to be one of the premier social gathering spaces in Doral.  This dynamic space will include flexible amenities for people of all ages, including outdoor Ping-Pong tables and game areas, urban swings overlooking the lake, multiple flexible seating areas, a gathering pavilion, and a sculptural playspace.  The Cultural Plaza will be designed to support numerous regular community events and programs such as movies in the park, outdoor fitness classes, civic gatherings, and small concerts.  Visitors to the plaza space will also have access to food and beverages from the walk-up window of the café located inside the indoor recreation center.

20180724_Nature Boardwalk_Final.jpg

Natural areas

The vision for Central Park includes natural areas and experiences as a key component of the park master plan.  The natural area of the park – The Rocklands – will include a series of soft-surface, accessible nature trails meandering through a restored Pine Rockland and/or Rockland Hammock ecosystem to the edge of the lake where visitors will find an open-air nature pavilion, canoe/kayak rental and launch, and a series of over-water boardwalk trails.  Along the way, visitors will have access to several small picnic pavilions as well as plant identification signage and interpretative exhibits.


sensory playscape

The northern portion of The Rocklands natural area is envisioned to include a Sensory Playscape; a unique play area where experiences are multi-sensory, self-directed, and incorporate the use of natural materials such as boulders, rope, and moveable “small parts” in a more a natural setting.  This shaded play area will stimulate a child’s sense of touch, smell, sight, and sound in a universally accessible setting.  In addition, there will be amenities designed specifically for children with mental or physical disabilities incorporated within the overall design.


Urban dog park

Over 40% percent of Doral residents own at least one dog, which has made Trails and Tails Park – Doral’s only off-leash dog park – a very popular destination.  To help meet the needs of dog owners in Doral, Central Park will provide users with access to an off-leash urban dog park, complete with dog washing stations, picnic shelters, separate large and small dog areas, and accessible walkways.  The Urban Dog Park will also be lighted, allowing for increased usage, especially during the short days of winter or the cooler nights of summer.

20180724_Bike Path_FINAL.jpg

fitness loop

The master planning process revealed that fitness is very important to Doral residents. Although there are many opportunities within Doral Central Park to improve one’s fitness, the Fitness Loop is one of the more exciting!  At 1/3-mile in length, the multi-purpose, one-way Fitness Loop has dedicated lanes for walking/strolling, jogging, and cycling.   The outer perimeter of the loop will provide walkers with access to regularly-spaced outdoor fitness stations and educational signage/exhibits geared towards improving community health.  The location of the cycling lane on the innermost loop will limit potential pedestrian interaction or conflict with bikers, providing for an uninterrupted circuit.


Destination Playspace

The City of Doral believes in the power of play and its ability to improve the mental, physical and social health of Doral’s youngest residents and visitors.  As such, Doral Central Park will provide users with three unique play environments, including the Destination Playspace in the The Groves area of the park.  With dedicated areas for both 2-5-year-olds and 5-12-year-olds, this playspace will allow visitors to participate in a wide array of contemporary play experiences such as climbing, running, sliding, swinging, and imaginative play.  This shaded playspace will be fully accessible to children of all abilities and will provide users with direct access to multiple picnic shelters and a conditioned restroom building.


sports + athletics

Athletics play a major role in the quality of life for many City residents.  Doral Central Park will provide ample opportunities to support recreational athletics in Doral thanks to the large amount of flexible greenspace that is preserved within the design.  This greenspace, which will serve as home to numerous large-scale community events, can also support recreational play for soccer, football, and baseball/softball.  At Doral Central Park, the focus will be on recreation, not competition, and the flexibility of the greenspaces will allow them to adapt the changes in trends over time.  In addition to the flexible open lawn areas, Central Park will provide visitors with access to (4) tennis courts, (3) full-sized basketball courts and (1) half-sized court, and (3) lakefront sand volleyball courts.


Skate spot + PUMP TRACK

Doral Central Park will contain the city’s first “skate spot;” a neighborhood-scaled version of a skate park that will include a variety of bike and skate-specific amenities including above-ground ramps, rails, and jumps.  The Skate Spot will also provide users with access to a pump track; a circuit loop of banked berms and mounds that gets its name from the pumping motion used by the rider’s upper and lower body as they ride around the track. The idea of a pump track is to use this pumping motion to maintain your speed around the track without pedaling. One of the best benefits of a pump track is that it is equally appealing and usable for participants of all ages and skill levels.  There will also be a "learn-to-bike" loop around the permieter of the skate spot where younger users will have the ability to learn key riding skills in a controlled setting. 


events lawn

A central feature of the The Groves is the formal events lawn; a large, flexible greenspace with the infrastructure necessary to hold a wide range of events such as weddings, concerts, and large gatherings.  An open-air events pavilion and sloping lawn terraces anchor the northern edge of the lawn, and ample access and parking will be provided immediately adjacent to the south.  The events lawn has direct access to a conditioned restroom building, multiple picnic shelters, and the destination playground.